Managing invoices instead of settlements

If your business is set up where you do not receive weekly settlements from a carrier and instead you send out invoices to your customers, you will handle the Settlement entries a little differently. There are two different ways to do this, rest assured it is very simple!

One way is to total up all of the revenue from the invoices that were paid for the month and have one settlement entry. Select the last day of the month from the calendar when you click on the Date box and add your business name as the Carrier name.

On the settlement entry, enter the revenue you received for the month under Income and click the green 'Save' button. Only total up and enter what was paid to you that month, there are times that customers don't pay on time and you don't want to enter money that has not been received yet.

The second way is to create a settlement entry for each invoice. Again, only enter the invoices that have been paid to you using the date that is was paid for the settlement date.

If you have expenses taken out on your invoices (commissions, broker fees, etc.), and you do the one settlement a month method, you can total them up for the month and enter the monthly total under the expense section of the settlement.

If you do the settlement per invoice method, enter the deductions under the expense section of the settlement for each settlement entry that has expenses. Again, always make sure to click the green 'Save' button before exiting the settlement.

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