Managing your subcategories

Follow the instructions below to manage the subcategories you've created in the Settlement and Expense sections.

  • Go to your ProfitGauges Overview page.
  • Select the 'Categories' button along the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Look down at the List Management section and find the subcategory you want to view.
  • Click the subcategory to reveal the details.
  • If the account is an expense you can control which category it is under. Simply select the subcategory, click on the drop-down menu that shows which main category it is currently under, and select the main category you would like to move it to. This will move anything saved under that subcategory to the new location so you do not have to re-open any entries and move them manually.
  • If you no longer need a subcategory, you can make it inactive. You will not see it in the drop-down menus going forward, but it will still show up in the reports for past entries. Simply click on the 'Make Inactive' link. All inactive subcategories will become grayed out on the List Management page.
  • If you change your mind and would like to use an inactive subcategory, click on the name and then select the 'Make Active' link. You will now see the subcategory in the drop-down menu again when doing your entries.
  • Messed up and just want to delete the subcategory? Click on the red 'Delete' link. When you click 'Delete' the program will make sure that it's not being used. If it is in use, it will list where it was used so you can go fix the conflicts. Otherwise it will be deleted and removed from the program.
  • Remember to save the subcategory before leaving the page by clicking on the green 'Save' button.

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