Canadian ProfitGauges

If you live in Canada and drive solely in Canada or both the US and Canada, you can change the settings in ProfitGauges to match your needs. Follow the instructions below to change your settings.

  • Log in to your ProfitGauges account and select 'Settings' on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Under 'Taxed / Operating Country' you can select USA or Canada as the taxed country.
  • You can also change the 'Operating Country' to USA, Canada, or Both.
  • When choosing Both you'll be able to enter Per Diem in for both countries when crossing the border.
  • Rates for Per Diem differ depending on your taxed country and which country you are in during the day. Be sure to enter everything correctly.
  • When you are starting a new month or if you are viewing/editing a previously saved month you have the ability to enter in your Per Diem.
  • You'll enter your Per Diem in for the US where it's labeled.
  • Then you'll also enter your Canadian Per Diem where it's labeled as well.
  • If you do not cross the border and are in Canada the entire year you do not need to have both the US and Canada Per Diem options viewable. If you do, you should go back one step and update your operating country to just Canada.
  • Personal Vehicle Kilometers is the default when your taxed country is Canada. This is assuming that your personal vehicle tracks its distance in kilometers. Be sure to ONLY enter kilometers and not miles since we are using the Canadian rate.

Once you change your taxed country to Canada, you will now see 'Canadian Tax' on the left-hand side of your ProfitGauges Overview page under 'Tax Report'. You'll get the same great tax report as the US version plus all the accurate deductions for Per Diem and personal vehicle miles.

As you are adding your expenses whether it's on your monthly expenses or your settlements, you will now see the option of using the Canadian Tax category where you can create a subcategory for your HST/GST refund.

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